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Convenient Time

Royal Express Laundry is an on-demand online platform, in website and mobile application. With our fast door to door laundry and dry cleaning service, we will pick your garments at your door within flexible 30 minutes time.

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Choose your pick up location and drop off time and we'll take care of the rest.


Professional It was Tom Ford who said dressing well is a form of good manners. You are free to have your own style, from your collar to your cuffs, and Royal Express Laundry respects the investment you've made.

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Fine garments that reflect your preferred style and professional image, from ready-to-wear luxury brands, to personally tailored bespoke garments that signify the finest craftsmanship, are one hundred percent treated with utmost reverence.

Every piece of garment delivered to us under goes an exclusive, five-step patented process that eliminates all dirt, stains, and odors from deep within the fibres. At Royal Express Laundry, we've reached the pinnacle in the art of cleaning and maintaining fine garments to keep you confident with your style.

Efficient and Fast

Next day dry cleaning and laundry delivery. You can pick up your clean and fresh clothes within 24-48 hours period depending on your requirement or need.

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We are geared towards making your first time away from home or office easier.

Laundry Dry Cleaning Bags

We will give you two Royal Express bags:
one for wash with care, one for Iron with care.
Wash with care service Dubai

The wash with care bag contains your every day Dry clean & Laundry that can be washed in a Laundry machine. These item will be pressing.

  • 8kg Wash with care
    AED 0.00
Iron with care service Dubai

The Iron with care bag contains your every day Fresh & Washed cloths that can be pressing only.

  • 8kg Iron with care
    AED 0.00

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With the intention to serve more clients in this digital age, we make our mobile laundry app available to everyone looking for laundry services. Just download our simple, user-friendly app and make the best use of it.

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