About Us

Customers Happiness Matters Most

We are committed to being fast and prompt, delivering high quality service, and growing together with our customers. Our goal is to make you feel different and comfortable. Only by achieving this goal we can be happy and proud of our service.

Our services are tailored fit for every individual, covering broad spectrum of laundry solutions. This means we can devise new ways to improve our long-term relationship with our dear customers.

We want whats best for you

Driving to the nearest laundry shop, delivering the garments and going back home will at least take 30 minutes of your time if your quick and lucky enough not to encounter traffic. There are times it will take you more than an hour in the process.

Imagine if you spend this time playing with your kids at the backyard of your home? With our fast, door-to-door dry cleaning and laundry service, we will pick your garments at your door and deliver it promptly to help you make use of your time effectively. Fair enough? At Royal Express Laundry, we simply want what's best for you.

We make you feel special

How amazing would it be to wear clean, and new looking clothes? We know this feeling too and we want to encourage you to try our top-notch dry cleaning, laundry, and ironing services so you can feel different and special each time you wear your freshly cleaned clothes.

We grow with you

We value our customers like our family. We care about your happiness and we want you to wear only the best. Your opinion, feedback and suggestions, and we treat those as an invaluable resource than can lead us to potential growth. We believe that together, we can be more effective, and we simply cannot grow without you. This is the main reason we are committed to be fast and on time, and deliver high quality service only.

Core Values

Our core values inspire and define us, govern our relationships with our team members and valued clients, and dictate our decisions.


We are dedicated to upholding high ethical standards in all our operations and client interactions, everywhere in UAE. Leading by example to your team, Royal Express acts responsibly to make positive contribution to our environment and community despite all odds.

clients' first

We have built an agile, flexible business culture that focuses on our client's needs and provides tailored solutions with certainty of delivery. We always make the client feel special by prioritizing them before everything else.

Strive for Improvement

We make great efforts to challenge ourselves. Our passion is to think outside the box and bring fresh and positive ideas to the team. We have the capacity to understand and commitment to see projects through.


At Royal Express Laundry there are so many open doors and countless opportunities to work towards. The organization is great at aiding members who make the most of what they do. We create exciting opportunities for our employees, clients, and communities by growing wisely and providing collaborative and innovative environments.